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Apostolic Leadership

We want to help others better understand the role that leadership is supposed to take in all organizations, especially Apostolic (Christian) ones. Our approach is to provide both informational articles and real-life stories to show you new ideas and to think differently.

Leadership is a very large part of our conversational daily lives in today’s society. With Government leadership, Corporate leadership, Church leadership and even Parenting (family leadership. There is talk that we need more leadership and less leadership. Others are prone to discuss that many CEOs are paid too much. We have corruption in leadership, and even church leadership doing sinful things. What does the Bible say about leadership? It does include many useful tidbits on that subject. This site intends to explore APOSTOLIC Leadership in depth. This is NOT an exclusive to Church leadership website, you will find the content here to be applicable to any leadership position. What the Bible describes as a good leader, would also be a good leader by today’s standards when you have a choice and are not forced to follow them.

This site includes important leadership definitions, supporting Bible scripture references, and many true life stories to help explain the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of leadership. In regard to the individuals described in our “Real Stories”, please read the ‘Disclaimer’ page.